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Below are five of a new set of 44 cards - hope you like them.  See the archive for those you've missed. A new one will be posted regularly, enjoy.

The Strawberry

The strawberry is considered to be the perfect fruit, symbolizing righteousness, sweetness in life and character. It is said that the Cinderella story is in line with the spiritual aspect of strawberries and is worth considering if you have pulled this card.  Many native Americans believe that strawberries are blood purifiers and builders and are of particular value to women during menstruation and after childbirth.

The Robin  
The Robin, has been subject of legend since the beginning of time. If the sacred Robin calls to you he will provide reassurance for a new beginning and is a gentle reminder that what has been will be again. Robins also speak of a lost love whispering songs of hope and joy that you are still loved and thought of often. The Robin’s sweet song heralds the beginning of Spring and renewal.

Two of Hearts

s ancient symbol clearly defines that two hearts beat as one. The karma associated with this card is to experience emotional security. Avoid over analyzing or experimentations in love, as you could lose sight of the very thing you, most need or want to experience. Listen to your heart as it will tell you the truth in regard to real love and false lo

The Cosmos

The Cosmos wonderfully
symbolises peacefully flying around the Universe looking at the stars enjoying feeling the regenerative, life-giving forces of our cosmos. The Cosmos was created by a Big Bang! Expect a EUREKA moment as a new day dawns for you. The Cosmos asks us to stay grounded and look into the Great Mysteries of the Universe.



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